Five fantastic things about FLOOR you probably didn’t know.

best floor cleaner

The best floor cleaner in South Africa is strong, yet allergy friendly and pet friendly. It is Mrs Martin’s FLOOR!

In South Africa we wash a lot of floors. We live outside and do not have the habit of taking off our shoes when we go inside.

End result? We constantly have to quick mop our floors!

That might be part of the reason that FLOOR is one of our bestsellers. Here are five fantastic things you probably did not know about Mrs Martin’s FLOOR.

1. FLOOR can be sprayed neat onto the floor, or further diluted in a bucket of water. 

The easiest way to use Ready To Use FLOOR is to spray roughly one spray per m2, then go over with a damp microfibre mop to rinse off the soap, then with a dry microfibre to make it shine. If you prefer the bucket method, you can pour 30ml of the Ready To Use FLOOR into your 3l bucket and mop as usual.

2. FLOOR is a soap – remember to rinse.

With rinse we mean go over the floor with a damp microfibre mop. If you do not rinse, the left over soap will make the floor dull.

3. FLOOR is strong – use less.

Even the Ready To Use FLOOR is quite strong. If you use too much, you have to work extra hard to rinse it off. Rather use less and work less!

4. FLOOR can be used as a multipurpose cleaner.

If you are a one bottle person, FLOOR is your product. It was designed for medium duty cleaning. It has some degreasing action and it has anti streaking properties so you do not need to buff too much. 

5. FLOOR cleans waste water

The probiotics in the soap actually keep on cleaning long after you wrung out your mop. They clean drains and pipes (and mops!) so bad odours become something of the past. They also start the water treatment process right away, lightening the burden on the sewage treatment plants, which are not coping well in this country. That is why we call Mrs Martin’s FLOOR the best floor cleaner in South Africa. It helps clean our precious water!