Neither neat freak nor eco-warrior

I have confessed before that I am not a cleaning diva. I belong to that middle group of ladies who certainly want clean homes, but don’t sterilise. That large unnamed group who are not what you would call eco-warriors, but who certainly think and care deeply about the impact they make. I am one of the faceless sea of women who dream of a magazine worthy house, then get up to clean the kitchen again, mentally calculating that the windows would have to wait (and the carpets too, for that matter.) 

But I do think I am slightly more ‘crunchy’ than most.  I allow my kids to make messes in the name of learning, and I survive without ironing because, well, something had to give.

I also do not bleach my towels

As I described in this post, laundry day is about cleaning to me. If I know my laundry is clean, I do not need it to be smelling overpoweringly of floral fantasies. I also prefer knowing my towels are clean, to knowing my towels are white.

And that is not necessarily the same thing. I thought the article How Does Bleach Work at explains well how bleach changes the colour of stains. 

When I discovered that bleach does not actually do anything to remove dirt from the textile, but only changes it chemically so that our eyes no longer see it, it simply fell off my to-do list.

Bleach is not so safe...

Bleach is very volatile and rather large amounts land in your lungs when you clean, especially the thick liquid and gel forms of chlorine bleach. This problem becomes ten times worse when you mix bleach with other cleaners such as ammonia. Bleach is harmful when swallowed so it should be stored well out of reach of children. And it can hurt your skin upon contact. 

So in a household like mine where microbes have right of way and where honest cleanness is prized, bleach is a complete foreigner. 

If you do use bleach, it might be well to follow the safety guidelines of the Centre for Disease Control

It is critical to read and follow the safety instructions on any product you use. Below are the most important safety guidelines when using sanitizing products:

  • Never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleaner.
  • Wear rubber or other non-porous boots, gloves, and eye protection.
  • Try not to breathe in product fumes. If using products indoors, open windows and doors to allow fresh air to enter.

I would love to hear your take on bleach. Drop me a line?

Best regards