Mrs Martin’s Less Plastic Starter Pack


This Starter Pack includes everything you need for clean dishes, oven, floors, surfaces, and bathrooms. Throw in luxurious hand wash, body wash and a state of the art deodoriser and you are set for a refreshingly clean month.

When you get low on any of the products, conveniently order refills. These aluminium containers can be refilled for years. Refills save you money and reduce the amount of plastic waste that end in the landfill.

Ordering the Starter Pack instead of individual items saves you R104.

Earth friendly bleach that is responsible, intelligent and safe.

Responsible because our ingredients are readily biodegradable to OECD 301 standards and we offer refills to eliminate single use plastic.

Intelligent because our detergents include indigenous, friendly microbes that produce the enzymes necessary to degrade dirt.

Safe because our products are non-toxic and approved by The Allergy Foundation of South Africa.

Our products rehabilitate grey water and are ideal for use in septic tank systems.

Our products are PET FRIENDLY.

Free from

Chlorine bleach
High VOC glycol ethers

What you get

1 x 500ml DISH aluminium

1 x 500ml FLOOR aluminium

1 x 500ml SURFACE aluminium

1 x 500ml MIGHTY aluminium

1 x 500ml ODOUR aluminium

1 x 500ml BODY aluminium

1 x 500ml HAND aluminium

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leona Harms

What lovely products! My home feels cleaner and this starter pack is perfect for the beginner. All the products are very good and I am now hooked. Even my woof has stopped sneezing 🤪. Highly recommended 👌

What allergies?

So, I first bought the Mrs Martin’s products (Starter Pack and LAUNDRY) because they are earth friendly, however, I never realized the impact these products would have on my own health. I struggle with various allergies and keep tissue boxes literally in every room in my house. Over the past two weeks, I suddenly noticed that I no longer seemed to need them, I literally go a whole day without reaching for a tissue which is an entirely new experience for me. The Starter Pack really is the best place to start, I got to try out a great variety of products and I love that I now have a collection of containers that I can refill with my future purchases.

Adri Verster
Love every single one!

I had a lot of fun trying out each product and they all exceeded my expectations. The Aluminium containers look great and I adore the glass spray bottle, which immediately found a use.

Karen Nel
Ticks all the boxes

This starter pack ticks all the boxes. Love the packaging/containers (and reusability). Carefree effective pollutant free cost effective cleaning. Will be upgrading to refills soon.

Olga R.
Excellent products

Absolutely love these products and containers