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Discover how one Zwavelskloof family keeps their septic tank odour free and working fine without calling the plumbers.

As a busy family, we love Mrs Martin’s products as we know we do not have to worry about septic tank odours or problems. All the products feeds our septic tank with the perfect balance it needs.  No need for costly specialists.  The best is how the natural body products feed your skin and eliminate the extra risk of breaking out with unwanted rashes or allergy flair-ups.  It is perfectly safe for all skin types and age.

I will not change to any other home product range.

A septic tank needs bacteria to work right. The bacteria digests the stuff indie and keeps bad smells away. Anything that calls itself anti-septic is clearly dangerous for your tank! As soon as you eliminate all strong and anti-bacterial chemicals from your home, your tank has the chance to get healthy again. Try it! You will be so happy you did.


Brenda-Lee Barnes
Zwavelskloof Private Estate Resident


Our biodegradable soaps are not anti-bacterial. All our safe natural cleaning products are packed with loads of good bacteria and enzymes, perfect for septic tanks. Good microbes produce enzymes on demand to clean almost anything by degrading organic matter.

Mrs Martin’s Biological Cleaning Products Starter Pack

We use only South African strains of microorganisms, which means we support the microbes already hard at work in your home and our rivers, while introducing nothing exotic.

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our satisfied customers.

Our biological non toxic cleaning products are safer for you and the local environment but clean better and do not cost more especially when you buy in bulk online.

Our septic tank friendly cleaning products and toilet bowl cleaners are safe for septic systems and help prevent blocked drains. They are loaded with indigenous microbes producing septic tank enzymes and bacteria, eliminating the source of offensive odours. We are proudly South African suppliers of the best household green natural cleaning alternatives to bleach, toilet duck, harpic and pine gel.

Click here to view our range of green cleaning products (eco friendly cleaning products), from biodegradable eco friendly laundry detergents, eco friendly dishwashing liquid, biodegradable floor cleaner, alcohol-free biodegradable hand sanitiser, eco friendly body wash, earth friendly soap, environmentally friendly toilet paper, etc. We ship our eco friendly cleaning products to Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, to almost every home or company in South Africa.[/read_more]

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