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How to clean a toilet that is connected to a septic tank

So you have a septic tank. In a previous post I explained how septic tanks work. Now you might be asking how to keep the toilets that are connected to your septic tank, clean.


This first rule is never to use anything that calls itself antiseptic or antibacterial. Switch over to a product that does not kill bacteria, because bacteria are your friends in a septic tank.


We recommend that you spray your toilet inside and out with SURFACE. Scrub the inside with a toilet brush. Wipe the outside down with a damp microfiber cloth.


As a last touch, drop a FLUSH into the cistern.

What? A loo block that is septic tank friendly?

FLUSH keeps any toilet hygienic and fresh. What is so remarkable about FLUSH however, is that it can be used in toilets connected to septic tanks too!


Nothing inside FLUSH harms the delicate balance of microbes in your tank. To the contrary, every time you flush your toilet, loads of good bacteria that are necessary for your tank’s functioning, gets washed into your tank.


FLUSH is also fantastic at regulating bad smells. Need we say more?


Simply remove the paper wrapper and drop into the cistern of your toilet.

Save money and create less waste

Did you notice that we now offer FLUSH in packs of ten? The cistern blocks are not individually wrapped, so you do not have to throw ‘away’ so much packaging if you choose this option. 

You also save because you pay only for nine! 

In my next post I will let you in on a little secret on how to let your FLUSH last even longer!


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