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Hello, I’m Lize. A lovely part of our rainbow nation calls me Mrs Martin. I am a South African wife and mother of three. I am by nature (and exercise!) frugal. I LOVE saving because it makes me feel efficient. When I spend less than I should and can do more than I planned, I am thrilled. This is also the way I approach matters of the environment. I love feeling I send as little waste as possible into nature. But it cannot cost me a lot. It has to save. Because I am not living on a homestead filling my day with tasks of survival (oh, the lure of it!). I am the manager of a normal suburban household with ordinary responsibilities such as keeping the rubbish bin from rotting before rubbish removal day, squashing the pile of dishes… and laundry… and filing… again and again, all the while teaching, training, cleaning and delivering our darling children, producing three meals a day, cordially managing the stream of visitors and delivery men and reps, trying to keep a respectable garden, getting the broken water meter reported, and such. My quest is to live in a way that saves time and money and reduces our footprint, simultaneously.