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Hello, I’m Lize. A lovely part of our rainbow nation calls me Mrs Martin. I am a South African wife and mother of three. I am by nature (and exercise!) frugal. I LOVE saving because it makes me feel efficient. When I spend less than I should and can do more than I planned, I am thrilled. This is also the way I approach matters of the environment. I love feeling I send as little waste as possible into nature. But it cannot cost me a lot. It has to save. Because I am not living on a homestead filling my day with tasks of survival (oh, the lure of it!). I am the manager of a normal suburban household with ordinary responsibilities such as keeping the rubbish bin from rotting before rubbish removal day, squashing the pile of dishes… and laundry… and filing… again and again, all the while teaching, training, cleaning and delivering our darling children, producing three meals a day, cordially managing the stream of visitors and delivery men and reps, trying to keep a respectable garden, getting the broken water meter reported, and such. My quest is to live in a way that saves time and money and reduces our footprint, simultaneously.

Many people ask me why we have 50ml concentrates and 5l concentrates for FLOOR, SURFACE and MIGHTY.

The small amber bottle is the 50ml concentrate, and the large red bottle is the 5l concentrate.


Hoekom ek ‘n lysie  van nommer nipper geskenkidees moes maak

Ek is altyd laat. Ek besef dis erg. Dis verskriklik. Dit wys vir ander jy respekteer nie hulle tyd nie. Dit maak jou man kwaad. Dit maak dat jy altyd ‘n bietjie windverwaaid op ‘n plek aankom. Dis aaklig. Maar

Martin en ek en ons drie kinders maak self ons huis skoon. Ons het nie hulp nie. ‘n Dekade gelede sou dit baie vreemd gewees het vir ‘n middelklas wit familie om self in die huis te werk. Ek het al vertel hoe ek na matriek die eerste keer

So onlangs as 150 jaar gelede het Joseph Lister eendag voorgestel dat dokters hulle hande moet was en instrumente moet steriliseer voor operasies. Die skoner teatertoestande het daartoe gelei dat prosedures oneindig suksesvoller was as voorheen. Skielik het mense verstaan hoe belangrik higiëne is. Vandag nog word gereelde was

Ek is Afrikaans.  I am African. Very few people realize that the word ‘afrikaans’ literally means african. I love South Africa. I was born here and I feel my roots here.  I am white, but this is my home country. My parents were born here. My grandparents were born here.

My dad used to say that hardworking people leave the dishes for later. “We lazy ones,” he would say to us four siblings every Sunday, “do them straight away because then it is still easy. You do not need to scrub that much.” With vigour all of us would then

I have been asked this question several times. I do understand: SURFACE sounds like it cleans all surfaces…. so what is left for MIGHTY to clean? The short answer is: the really greasy areas such as the braai and the oven. And perhaps the stove top after you’ve fried fish.

I was over eighteen the first time I washed a floor. Can you believe it? I remember early in my first year at TUKS telling my friend Kholofelo I had never washed a floor before. She was flabbergasted. Her reaction made me realise that there was a part of life