Why us.

Natural, Innovative, Bio-Microbial Technology - Teaming with Life

Each of our eco friendly products contains spores of specific beneficial Bacillus microbes best suited to that product’s cleaning application. We use only South African strains of microbes, which means we support the microbes already hard at work in your home and our rivers, while introducing nothing exotic.

Proudly South African - Manufactured Locally

Our technology has been developed over many years in South Africa by South Africans. Every product is manufactured in South Africa too. This creates local jobs and makes our ecological footprint smaller.

Environmentally Friendly and Safer for You

Our products are safer for you and the environment but clean better and do not cost more. What’s not to like about that?

Biological Cleaning Products - Superior to Harsh Chemical Detergents

Biological cleaning products are becoming the next generation of eco friendly cleaning products / green cleaning products. Our green cleaning solutions contains active “good” bacteria to digest organic matter, eliminating the source of most offensive odours.


  • We use plant based ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers
  • We never test on animals
  • We offer refills and accept empty containers back


  • Each product contains clean, South African microbes
  • Microbes produce the exact enzymes needed to break down dirt
  • Microbes remove phosphates, nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from waste water


  • Our products are free from harmful ingredients
  • Our products are safe to use in septic systems
  • Our products keep grey water fresher for longer