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Our soaps are not anti-bacterial. Our products are packed with loads of good bacteria.
Good microbes produce enzymes on demand to clean just about anything.

Why Us.

Natural, Innovative, Bio-Microbial Technology - Teaming with Life

Each of our eco friendly products contains spores of specific beneficial Bacillus microbes best suited to that product’s cleaning application. We use only South African strains of microbes, which means we support the microbes already hard at work in your home and our rivers, while introducing nothing exotic.

Proudly South African - Manufactured Locally

Our technology has been developed over many years in South Africa by South Africans. Every product is manufactured in South Africa too. This creates local jobs and makes our ecological footprint smaller.

Environmentally Friendly and Safer for You

Our products are safer for you and the environment but clean better and do not cost more. What’s not to like about that?

Biological Cleaning Products - Superior to Harsh Chemical Detergents

Biological cleaning products are becoming the next generation of eco friendly cleaning products / green cleaning products. Our green cleaning solutions contains active “good” bacteria to digest organic matter, eliminating the source of most offensive odours.


We use only South African strains of microbes, which means we support the microbes already hard at work in your home and our rivers, while introducing nothing exotic.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We are a family business run from our office in Pretoria East. We source our products from local world class manufacturers, package it and send it straight to everyone who, just like us, wants a responsible cleaning solution that works, at a regular price. All our products contain indigenous, beneficial microbes.

Yes! Nothing in our products will upset the delicate balance in your system. In fact, the microbes in the products will help those already hard at work in your tank. For a direct feed of good bacteria into your system, have a look at our FLUSH cistern disc.

No. We never test on animals and our suppliers never test on animals.

All our ingredients are plant based.
All ingredients are sourced responsibly (only Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified suppliers).
All our ingredients biodegrade in less than 28 days.
Our colourants are food grade and natural.
Our fragrances are low VOC, hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.
We never use chlorine bleach, Triclosan, EDTA, phosphates, 2-butoxyethanol, phthalates, paraben, ammonia, high VOC glycol ethers or formaldehyde.

Because these soaps contain beneficial microbes found naturally in South Africa, it is best not to add bleach or anything that claims to be anti-bacterial. Why go to all the trouble of adding the good guys to your wash water, and then killing them? By fighting bad bacteria off and crowding them out, the microbes act ‘anti-bad bacteria’ anyway!

May we suggest ODOUR. This is a non-soapy product with a lovely fragrance that sorts out the immediate problem of bad smell. It does not stop there however. The microbes in the product eat away at the cause of the malodour for hours after application so that the bad smell eventually simply does not come back. Repeated applications may be necessary.

SURFACE contains ingredients that act against scale and fungus, which makes it ideal for cleaning the bathroom.

Sodium citrate is a mild organic acid that progressively dissolves scale (not like hard acid commercial descalers).

Citrus oil attenuates the growth of fungus. It will not remove stains in grout caused by previous mould, however.

Indigenous microbes are antagonistic against fungus by the principle of competitive exclusion.

This product is a degreaser so use it on greasy areas such as the oven, on the stove and at the braai.

Historically, detergents were caustic based and the soapiness and foaminess of the detergent was an indication of strength. During this time, the notion of ‘more foam equals stronger cleaning’ was born. These cheap and nasty cleaners were super strong, and you may recall the caustic effect on the skin and hands and those shrivelled fingers and toes, from spending too much time in a soapy bath.

With improvements in technology and a move to safer and alternate ingredients, cleaning suppliers found that less foam was too much of an adjustment to the deeply entrenched consumer perception that ‘more foam offers stronger cleaning’. So, they introduced artificial foaming agents and bombarded consumers with the luxurious connotations of foam.

We can do with moderate amounts of foam, because some of the functions that foam serves it to change the surface tension and lift dirt into the foam layer. However, more foam equals harsher effects on the skin. So while our soap has strong cleaning power, we choose to leave out the artificial foaming agents. This is why our DISH is approved by The Allergy Foundation as suitable for sensitive hands. That is also why it does not foam that much.

Yes. Orders under R500 cost R50 to courier. Orders above R500 ship free. We use Fastway Couriers and The Courier Guy.

If accepting deliveries during office hours is problematic for you, you can also choose to click-and-collect from your favourite grocery store, via Pargo. The option will be given at checkout.

Gladly! We refund you and arrange for the product to be picked up at our cost. Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.

Vetted resellers get free delivery and a substantial discount for orders above a threshold value. No rebranding or tampering with packaging allowed, please. Please fill in a form below to inquire.

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Our Satisfied Customers.

We have made a complete transition away from antibacterial cleaning agents to the microbe-rich, environmentally friendly Mrs Martin's cleaning range. Not only does this shift make sense in promoting decomposition in our septic-tank, but also, Mrs Martin's products are much more pleasant to work with than are the harsh chemicals we used to use, with their toxic, choking fumes. Mrs Martin's Mighty is a highly effective degreaser which removes even my toughest kitchen dirt. Mrs Martin's Surface leaves any surface shining and with a slight, pleasant fragrance. Mrs Martin's Odour is a gently citrus-fragranced air-freshener. Finally, Mrs Martin's hand wash is cleansing and moisturising. We are grateful we came across these marvelous products, and will certainly not move back to the products we used to use.

Angela Jul 7, 2017

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Our products are safer for you and the environment but clean better and do not cost more.

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