Mrs Martin’s Sani-Klo Cistern Block Dispenser


This toilet cistern block dispenser saves you time and helps you decide how blue the flush water must be.

Now you can regulate how fast FLUSH cistern block dispenses into your toilet!

If you love our FLUSH cistern block, you will love the Sani-Klo dispenser. The dispenser is placed inside the cistern of your toilet, with FLUSH inside. Pull the white tab up to let a lower concentration (lighter blue water) into the toilet, and push the tab down to let a higher concentration (darker blue water) into the toilet. This means your FLUSH lasts longer!

Designed and made in South Africa by a German engineer who cares for the environment.

FLUSH not included – to be purchased separately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Inge Meintjes
Sani-Klo Cistern Block Dispenser

Love it, really makes the Cistern Block last longer. Will be buying a second 1

Dawn Little
The Blue Block dispenser 😊

Such a clever invention. Love the way you can adjust the block from dispensing to fast.

Sonja N.
Cistern Block

This dispenser keeps my cistern blocks from dispensing too much. The cistern block last so much longer!

Hilly H.
See the difference

Die dispencer werk beter om die konsentrasie baie te verminder . Dink blokkies gaan langer hou.

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