This week I received an email asking why we package our healthy, allergy friendly soap in aluminium. This is how I answered:

Firstly, I want to assure you that none of our products contain aluminium. You mention antiperspirant, for example. Antiperspirant is a product that you apply to your skin and leave there for the entire day. You want to be sure that such a product does not have nasty ingredients, because it is in contact with your skin for hours. Our products contain no aluminium so there is no risk there.

Our main reason for offering aluminium packaging is that it is the most sustainable packaging available today. Why? It has the properties of plastic (not so easy to break, lightweight) but without the problems of plastic (it recycles easily without loss of quality).

Our containers are lined and our soaps have a neutral pH so the chances of leaching is very low. We do not know of any health risk associated with packaging soap in aluminium.

What is your feeling about packaging soap in aluminium? I would love to hear!