antibiotics destroy microbiome

Antibiotics destroy your microbiome because they cannot discriminate between good and bad bacteria. They just kill them all.

When Alexander Fleming discovered antibiotics in 1928, the number of deaths from infection went down rapidly. It was a breakthrough discovery that saves lives to this day.

Unfortunately, antibiotics also get misused. It should be used to cure life threatening infection, but many people today take it for anything from a cough to an itch. If you do this, you destroy your microbiome to get relief from minor inconveniences.

Gut microbiome?

Every single person has a unique mix of microbes that live in and on his body. It is called your microbiome. This mix of bacteria, viruses and fungi creates a microbial fingerprint of sorts, and gives you all kinds of health benefits such as creating vitamins and anti-inflammatories and neurotransmitters.

When you take antibiotics, the medicine does not choose which microbes to kill. It kills the pathogens AND all the good bacteria in your gut. Harming these old friends make you less healthy.

If your life is at risk, take antibiotics for sure. If not, antibiotics might be doing more harm than good.

Home microbiome?

In the very same way, antibiotics destroy the microbiome in your home. Your home has a unique mix of microbes that helps you stay healthy. For example, the microbiome in your home helps train the immune systems of your children. Infants who grow up in extremely clean homes, seem to get more asthma and allergies (read more here and here).

This does not mean your home should be filthy. We also know washing hands and cleaning surfaces help you not get sick. Proper hygiene is very important.

So while you want to keep your home free from harmful microbes, you absolutely DO NOT want to kill the good ones. What are you to do?

Stay away from antibiotics in your home. Choose probiotics instead!

Use cleaning products that add the good bacteria! Stay away from products that claim to be anti-septic or ‘kill 99,9% of germs’. These products do not help you stay more healthy (in 2016 for example, the FDA stated that washing with antibacterial hand soap hadn’t proven to be any more effective than washing your hands with ordinary soap and water.) If you keep your home microbiome healthy, the friendly bacteria are more than the harmful bacteria. Your old friends crowd out and devour any bad bacteria that might land on the kitchen counter. This means you have a much safer, healthier home!

Our products do not contain any chemicals that kill germs. This is great news for your home microbiome. We do include spores of good bacteria, and these sort out the bad guys on a microscopic level.

Now that’s responsible, INTELLIGENT and safe for you!