How to clean your persian carpet at home? Don’t get it too wet, and use the correct soap.

Your persian carpet is a investment and you don’t want to ruin it. But it does need cleaning now and again.

A good deep clean is recommended about once a year. Use professional carpet cleaners like Clean For Sure for that. They use Mrs Martin’s PERSIAN, and excellent carpet shampoo, and machines that can extract the water and the soap so the carpet does not stay wet for long.

What if I cannot take it to the professionals?

As long as you do not wet your carpet too much, you can give it a good surface clean at home. Here is what Martin from Clean For Sure recommends:

Prepare the carpet

Turn carpet upside down so that the base faces up. Then shake the carpet on all four sides for two minutes each. This will help loosen dirt trapped in knots at the base.

Lift carpet and clear the dust and soil that was shaken out. Now place carpet right side up and vacuum for at least ten minutes.

Use a fine hand brush to brush the carpet in the direction of the pile (the ‘grain’). Never brush in the opposite direction, against the pile. Repeat vacuuming as in step 2.

Rinse your brush under tap and allow to sundry as you will use it again in step 7.

Prepare the soap

Pour exactly 3.5ℓ cold tap water into a bucket. Add 5ml of Mrs Martin’s PERSIAN carpet shampoo. DO NOT EXCEED THE DOSE AS IT MAY DAMAGE YOUR CARPET

Agitate vigorously to create as much foam as possible.

Soak the sponge provided in the soapy water, and pump it several times to create froth on and in the sponge.

Clean the carpet

When the sponge is saturated with foam, wipe the Persian carpet in the direction of the pile or ‘with the grain’, in long strokes from one side to the other. Usually this will mean from one short end to the other. In the case on a large carpet, clean it in sections. DO NOT SOAK THE CARPET AS IT MAY DAMAGE YOUR PERSIAN PERMANENTLY.

Lay the carpet on a clean, flat surface to sun dry for at least 6 hours.

When the carpet is completely dry, use the brush provided to brush the carpet a last time in order to soften the pile again. Do not vacuum your Persian for at least 48 hours after a surface clean.

There you go! Remember this is only a surface clean of your Persian and not a deep clean. Deep cleaning should only be done by a professional carpet cleaning company.