Mrs Martin's wishlist

Mrs Martin’s wish list makes it easy to keep track of your favourite products.

Recently one of our clients mentioned that she would love the option to make a wish list on our site. This way she would not need to wade through the whole site every time she wanted to make a purchase. She could simply visit her wish list, add to cart what she wanted, and check out.

So we built it. You can now add products to your Mrs Martin’s wish list on our website!

Here is how the wish list works

First, create an account for yourself on (look for the My Account tab at the top of the page) and log in.

Then find the product you want to add to your list. Click on the heart underneath the desired product. It will now be added to your wish list, and it will stay there until you remove it whenever it suits you.

mrs martin's wish list

When you want to view your wish list, simply click on the heart at the top right hand of your screen.

where to find mrs martin's wish list

The fantastic thing is that you now have all your favourite products in one place. Simply choose which you want to add to cart, and you are good to check out!

You can also share your wishlist to Facebook, or send it to a friend on Whatsapp just before your birthday (;)) Who knows? Perhaps someone out there will get the hint.

Or turn it around! Ask your friend to create a wish list before her birthday and to share it with you, and then you get her some of her favourite products. The possibilities are endless.

I hope this makes your shopping experience even more enjoyable. Let me know how you have used Mrs Martin’s wish list.

Until next time