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Single use plastic is the silliest thing ever. Plastic is a strong, lightweight and affordable material that can last for years. To throw it ‘away’ after one use defies all common sense. That is why at Mrs Martin’s we choose our packaging with reuse in mind, and we accept back the bulk refill packaging once empty. We really do use the packaging again.

If you would like to return your empty containers, please add this product to your cart. It will let us know to inform the couriers to pick up a parcel from your home. We try to arrange that they pick up the parcel when they deliver your order, in order to minimise unnecessary carbon emissions. If lines get crossed and the courier arrives at your door twice, please do pardon the inefficiency and know that we are working to educate all parties regarding small footprints and such.

The couriers charge us their usual price for picking up your bottles, and the price depends on many factors such as size of parcel and distance transported. For ease of use we decided to charge you a flat rate (a fraction of the real cost), and we carry the rest. In order to keep this service sustainable, we would appreciate your help as set out below, to keep cost down.

  1. Please put all containers into one parcel as we pay per item.
  2. We recommend that you keep the box from the previous order and pack the empty bottles into that. In this way even the box gets reused!
  3. Please do not use a loose bag. If you do use a bag, please tape the containers together (see picture). The scanners pick up uneven packaging and automatically thinks it is a bigger parcel.
  4. Much as we would like to solve the plastic problem created by other companies as well, at the moment we can only reasonably accept back our own containers. Please do not send back any other empty containers.

We thank you for being a responsible consumer!

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Heymann
Recycling rocks.

Excellent opportunity to recycle good plastic easily and with no hassle. Thanks!

Gayle Burgstahler
Great idea

It is a relief to be able to return the still very usable containers. The plastic waste we encounter everywhere is heartbreaking. Thank you for covering much of the cost.

Leader mentality

Love the concept and the execution works well. This should be standard procedure with all containers

Mariana B.
Return used containers

Assist with recycling. Great!