return empty containers

Did you know you can return empty containers to us? If you are anything like me, you hate throwing out a strong, lightweight, durable container after only one use. When you return your empty containers to us, we really use them again.

If you want to return empty containers, go to and look for the product ‘Return Used Containers’. Add it to your cart and we will know to ask the courier to collect a parcel when he delivers your order. This service costs you a small fee.

Why do we charge you a fee to collect your used containers? Because we are mainly an online shop, everything we offer involves couriers. Unfortunately couriers charge per weight or volume, depending on which is bigger. That means they charge a full courier fee for picking up the containers even if it is light, because it is large.

We try to arrange that they pick up the parcel when they deliver your order, this way we try to minimise unnecessary carbon emissions. Also, if they can complete the delivery and pick up in one trip, we might one day be able to negotiate a discount on the fees. Very often however, lines get crossed and the courier arrives at your door twice. Please do pardon the inefficiency and know that we are working to educate all parties regarding small footprints and such!

We hope that as our delivery volume picks up we can negotiate better rates in the future, but for now we pay a full courier fee to have your containers collected. In order to keep this service sustainable, we ask you to pay a portion thereof.

Of course, if you stay in Pretoria, you can deliver the containers to us or to Brooklyn’s Banting Market at no extra cost.

Thank you so much for being a responsible, intelligent consumer. We trust that we will all reap the rewards in the future.

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